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' As the door closed Robin took me in his arms. I was so excited James know the door is closed. Knowing that you wanted me to be with these two men, who wanted my body, they give. Was like a dream come true in the arms of someone 15 years younger, and not one clearclips but two. smelted in the strong arms of Robin, my tits against his chest and felt the strong muscles to push hard against my body. We look in the eyes and kissed me, his tongue in the mouth releasing m. Because I knew I wanted to give everyone. James then forgot you, like me, my young lover. When Robin kissed me I felt George was close behind me, put clearclips his hands on my waist and slowly lifted the hem of my dress. I could feel my stockinged legs exposed to more and more until the meat was to be seen and finally my underwear. I felt like a james bitch, in the arms of the clearclips two youths. I loved him so much, their young cocks please. I wanted themto think that I am the sexiest woman he had known. George was rubbing my ass cheeks and slowly stroked the tips of my stockings, and Robin continued to kiss me. Robin broke the kiss and said - you can clearclips have a drink. He moved around the room, a bottle of wine and poured three glasses. We sat on the bed and talked for a while. Who asked for you James, that is around me, and told them - do you love me, to be with other people, and awaits you with a hard cock for me when I return. I said I would be waiting for me to say that I ask every detail. You are so hot - George said, and put his wine, and I rose in a standing position. Slowly pulled her dress over her head while Robin went up in bed and watched. James felt so wonderful to stay there in sexy lingerie, lingerie he had chosen for me. My black stockings and suspenders, my see through panties and bra. I knew I was on a night to remember. Iwas soaked, and you know what James did, that I have, I was going to take it up the ass all night and I wanted to feel his hardness in me so bad. George and Robin began to undress. I watched the two, as he removed his pants and stood before me in just his pants. I could see they were already hard. I had to meet two strong cocks. I was in heaven. Take off your bra and let us see clearclips the tits named Robin. I felt dominated by his tone of voice, and I was so happy to do what he said. I opened my bra and put it on the floor, got up my breasts and my nipples were fully erect and proudly showed my boobs, these young enthusiasts. I knelt in front of them both as they sat on the bed. First I had started short clearclips and then George Robin. Cock Robin was big and thick, maybe about 8 inches, while George was a little longer, but thinner. The tail looked so beautiful, they immediately started sucking one after another. bothdown with a smile on her face as she sucked his cock and took the balls. After clearclips a while I brought her to Adam and slipped out of my underwear soaking. Now I was there with my bare pussy to see. I told the guys that just me, but to fuck in the ass, because it was my agreement with James. Robin began to soak my pussy, licking her tongue gently lapping my pussy, his tongue opened my mouth and put it in the middle. Meanwhile, George began to suck my tits. I've never been in my life I looked at George and said - I need to fuck me. Who will be the first. You can choose from, they said, and Robin had a big cock well, but I want to try George first. I went into my pocket and pulled out a condom. The condom that James had bought for me. I had not thought of clearclips James clearclips all the time, but now I remembered what I was waiting in the hotel room and waited until I took it with his blessing and encouragement, two young stallions. I wrapped the condom and SLIpped to George Hahn. Slowly, he turned throughout. He looked into the eyes of George, fuck me well, he said. So he turned to me, so I was on all fours. Robin looked at me, when George was on his knees behind me. I felt my ass lubricant. His fingers began to slide y. Then I felt his cock at the entrance of my ass. It felt great and wanted so badly. I could feel the pressure, and press gently but firmly. Then suddenly I felt the head slide into me. My ass was opened, and gasped with pleasure. It feels so good, I moaned, I want it all. George pushed forward and I could feel his cock slide into me even more. Soon it was half way, and she rocked back and forth to feel his cock slide deeper into me. Finally, I felt his balls against my ass. My heart felt like they were divided, but it felt so good while. Robin greeted and crawled and put his cock in my mouth. I startedGeorge, as they suck took me from behind. I mean, George has been a long time, but he was young and eager and my ass must have felt close to him. It was only a moment before starting to accelerate. I could hear her breathing faster. I come, he said. Fuck me, I cried within me cum, please cum, I asked. George gave one last push hard, buried up to his neck, and I could feel his cock contracted while pumping his sperm inside the condom inside my body. It felt so good and I wanted more. George slowly pulled me and put a condom on it, holding it carefully on the page. Thank you, whispered as he kissed me. At this time, Robin had put his huge cock in my back door. Even after George, it was difficult to get at me when I was finally screamed. You're so damn big, I groaned. Fuck me, please, Robin. I need your cock so bad, and Robin began to push hard into me. I was with my fingers, my joy, I felt like hellos big fat cock pounding in me. Every time I wore it I could feel the explosion ball against my ass, and bent down to my big tits hanging tight. Come on Robin, encourages me to fuck this dirty bitch married, give me your milk use, I like the dirty bitch. He was very good and as my fingers brought me to orgasm, clearclips got inside me and starts shaking his whole body. There seemed to clearclips be a reaction because his semen sprayed on me. Little by little, released my tits and pulled, and he took the condom and placed it side by side. To display a trophy with my husband! I turned on all fours and slowly licked his cock clean of juice left. At this point I put the two of them, lying on my back with my big tits and bald pussy to see and which were on both sides of me. I had my hands on his cock as I stroked slowly. I was surprised to see that after only a few minutes they were hard again. We called my husband, I said. So I punched in theNumber and James said. It was a pleasure talking to you, James. I felt so strong as I am naked in the arms of two young stallions. He had thrown away my right, but did not know and I have not said before. He thanked me for fucking, and then clearclips I felt the fingers in the pussy. I listen as to tell me to let the phone, but decided to leave for another time. So clearclips I said goodbye and turned to George, who had his fingers in me. This time it ran much slower. I was on top of George kissed her gently and passionately. I felt his cock pressing against my belly with urgency. After a while I kissed my way her body and took his cock in my mouth. I began to lick and tease them. I love sucking cock so much that I actually do. Robin began to finger my pussy hard, as I sucked his dick George. First with one finger, then two, then three, and soon I felt my pussy contracting in a climax wonderful. Then Robin elected orp ass and slid easily into clearclips me. He had a cock in my mouth and another in the ass and they are about to develop a rhythm. I licked and sucked for all he was worth, while Robin hit me from behind. Soon I felt myself begin to tighten George Hahn, and I felt his hot cum spurts into my mouth. Normally I do not like to swallow with strangers, but hot and horny and I wanted every piece of his cum in me, so eagerly swallowed everything and licked my lips. Now I've really focused on the big cock fucking my ass and I fucked hard himback. Robin soon fell flat on my back and pulled my hair, when he was forced for the second time in my ass. With that, we all sat on the bed. They were clearclips great, I said, as I huddled with head embracing Robin, while George behind me. clearclips I fell into a dream with the contents of two children, happy and well clearclips fucked. It must have been about 3 hours later, when I felt hands gently feeling my clearclips breasts, stroking gently. It was dark and it was so Loveland wake up and not knowing who he was. I stretched out and enjoyed the soft feel cherished. The hands began to move in the direction of my pussy and slowly spread her legs for me to have access. This time I realized it was Robin, as he started kissing me. Her tongue opened my mouth as his fingers opened my vaginal lips. He ran his fingers inside me and started rubbing my clit. It felt so good and started to push back with your fingers. Faster and faster he went, until I had experienced a devastating orgasm. I want you to sit on me, he said. So he sat down and put a condom on his hard cock. He put his penis into the entrance of my ass and completely relaxes me down until it inside me. He looked at me and grabbed my breasts swaying as I kissed her lips. I saw his face when he closed his eyes in ecstasy. Soon she was raising and lowering a faster pace occasionally drags me with him all of me. He squeezed my tits harder and harder,I could see him take a deep breath as he approached me again. I felt his cock again and again moved against the walls of my ass. I left it in me, and leaned over to kiss him. My breasts pressed against his chest, as we explored each others mouth. George was awake and wanted to put an action, but was now very tired and clearclips I turned my back on the air, and I asked him to use. He fucked me hard and I was only clearclips there for the taking. After 20 minutes it was ground in pain in my butt hole and threw his load inside me. I was exhausted, and I came out of me and curled up to sleep in another.
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